Rhythm by ConsciouslyCait

Your menstrual map back to you

a kind & curious cycle syncing curriculum for you to take control of your life one cycle at a time.

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You are not here to gaslight yourself. You’re here to be the cyclical creature you know you are.

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"Rhythm is an incredible course literally packed with life-changing knowledge. I went from being curious yet scared to experience my natural cyclical rhythm to feeling excited and empowered about the beautiful impact living cyclically can have on my life. 10/10 recommend this course to anyone who desires to get more in touch with themselves and the universe on a deeper level. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Caitlin."

- Elana N.

This you?


Corporate Hustler

Barely hanging on by a thread: "I’m okay! Yes really, I don’t know why I’m crying. Life is really great!”  as she slugs back her 4th coffee of the day surviving on sugar, caffeine, and pure willpower. Self care for her is drinking a big glass of wine at the end of a loonnng day.


perfectionist self sabotage-er

“I can’t afford to slow down, my team and my family depend on me.  If I don’t do it who will?" they sigh, scared to drop the ball and have everyone around them realize they're not as put together and confident as everyone thinks. No clue how to rest or relax, the perfectionist self-sabatoge-er is constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop.


overwhelmed and intuitive creator

“You should see my notebook, I have millions of ideas written down. I swear I am going to start working on my ideas soon…” as they look down knowing that whenever they go to start, they freeze.  Their anxiety gets the best of them. The overwhelmed and intuitive creator has a serious case of “I’ll start that next month”… but you know how life gets..

Rhythm is a self paced, yet highly interactive cycle syncing curriculum for you to take control of your life one cycle at a time.

"I never realized how much we are affected by our hormones until I took Rhythm. Caitlin is a great teacher, very approachable and extremely knowledgable. I never felt judged, no matter what question I had. The content is super in depth and provided a lot of insight to how our menstrual cycle interacts with the rest of our life. I'd recommend this course to anyone who wants to fill in the knowledge gaps about their own body and feel more connected to their cycles."

- Victoria M.

👀 Sound like anyone you know?

PMS makes you feel like you want to rip your skin off. You feel like an absolute menace to society.
you want to quit your job, run away and live in the woods at least once a month.
you are exhausted most of the time, like somehow 4 cups of coffee is not giving you the pep in your step that you need.
you slug back Advil to make it through the day thanks to the good ol' period pain.
you try to keep up, to hustle and keep going but it leaves you feeling like there is no end in sight.
you feel like a failure for not being able to balance work, social life, relationships, and caring for yourself- to you: anyone who does it all, is super human.
you’ve got pages and pages of ideas and dreams, goals and intentions but you find yourself feeling too overwhelmed to take action.
you always say you’ll trrryyyy to prioritize your health and well being, but you know- life gets in the way.
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Be honest. you want to:

feel energized, inspired and creative like the brilliant and capable person you are
feel confident in creating boundaries to make space for rest, play and joy.
know WTF goes on in your body every month to feel more in control over your own body
have the tools to support your body all cycle long,  no more PMS meltdowns with no explanation
feel confident in your own skin and really trust your instincts so you can make choices that align with your highest most vibrant self
feel liberated AF knowing there is nothing wrong with you and there are so many other cyclical creatures that get it
and mostly you just want to feel at ease, connected and grounded

This is what Rhythm is all about:

connecting to your natural rhythm and finally come home to your body
learning how to work with your cycle. Notice your cycle, your unique patterns and how to spot and support when you are out of alignment
working with high energy phases in your cycle and learning how to use your low energy days in a way that supports you
learning how to support your cycle when life feels chaotic and doesn’t align with your cycle
learning to sit with all versions of you, compassionate. Shifting towards curiosity instead of blaming and shaming.
feeling confident, capable, and inspired to do the stuff that matters
Rhythm is the cycle syncing framework I created after years of experimenting, researching and working with people just like you.

Hi, I'm Cait! 👋

I am a menstrual cycle coach, movement practitioner, meditation teacher and certified women's health coach and let me tell you: I've been there.

Whether it was finding myself completely overwhelmed and burned out or at war with my body. I always felt like there was something missing. I didn’t have a firm understanding of how my body worked in relation to my hormonal cycle, leaving me feeling disconnected from my body. I would constantly fight against it, trying to push myself to do movement/exercise that wasn’t supportive, feeling guilty to take rest, and thinking that I was always meant to feel the same. Cycle syncing was the biggest “aha” moment of my life. It was like coming home to myself and finally making peace with my body.

I've helped hundreds of menstruators just like you and I make this work easy to digest and give you actionable steps so you can change your relationship with your cycle.

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© 2023. Consciously Cait.
Certified Women's Health Coach.
Trauma informed meditation, yoga and pilates instructor.

To the intuitive, smart, cool, and passionate human yearning to feel really freaking good in your body and be the cyclical creature you already are… I see you 👀

You may be catching on to the fact that so much of what we’ve been peddled as “success” was really designed for men- a scam!

Leaving us to deal with a generation of anxiety ridden, overwhelmed, exhausted menstruators who think it is cute to make anxiety a part of their personality…. annnnd it isn’t cute ☕️

It’s not that you haven’t tried to feel good in your body, mind and spirit…

but you get the nagging feeling that you are missing something.

You find yourself in the same spot time and time again, coffee in hand, bracing for disasters, feeling like you can’t keep up- yet again. You just wish that you felt energized, confident and good in your body but those feelings only come around a couple times a month.

You understand that you should be supporting your cycle from the inside out, but you are missing the pieces that bring all this cycle syncing knowledge together in a cohesive way that feels easy because right now it feels overwhelming if we are being honest.

Aren’t you here to enjoy life without feeling like the other shoe is about to drop? Without feeling like your body is not co-operating? Without feeling like this part of you that you experience roughly 450 times in your life is just some annoying nuisance.

Did you forget for a tiny second that you were a bloody bad ass? ( Pun intended) You are brave, intuitive, cyclical and really freaking smart. You already have all the knowledge and power inside. You just have learn how to use it.

Your menstrual cycle is your hot ticket to basically predicting the future. No shoes to drop. No more unexpected periods ruining your vacation. No more feeling like the rage that comes with PMS is anything to be ashamed of… hint… those feelings are actually really super powerful.

By the end of the course you’ll walk away with the tools you need to feel good in your body, feel grounded all cycle long, work smarter, do less while accessing more abundance and harnessing the power of your very own menstrual cycle.

Are you ready to Use your cycle as a tool to feel good in your body, make intuitive choices that align with your values, set clear boundaries & make space for so much more freedom & magic?

"I love Caitlin's approach to menstrual cycle education. Her energy and dedication have helped her create really great courses and workshops to help folks that menstruate understand the science behind their cycles. she bridges the gap on how to take cycle knowledge and convert it into tangible changes you can make in your day-to-day life. Taking her Rhythm course changed how I plan my life, work, play and rest and also gave me permission to give space to myself when I need it!"

- Lindsay W.

A peak at the Rhythm Curriculum:

“I’ve never thought about my menstrual cycle this way before. I always thought that my cycle was just an annoying and painful part of my life. Now I see that my cycle is so much more than my period and PMS. I look forward to each phase every time a new cycle starts.  I wish everyone with a period was taught this powerful stuff.”
"It’s like I hear you in my head! A compassionate little cheerleader living in my head reminding me to track my cycle, be curious and more understanding with myself on those bad days. Every time I feel guilty for doing nothing on my period, she chimes in to remind me this is actually the best thing I can be doing!”
“How did I not know literally anything about my own menstrual cycle?! Seriously! How have I had so many periods in my life and didn’t know really anything about my own body?! Things make so much more sense now. This is like a sigh of relief. I’ve always assumed something was wrong with me…”

You may find yourself:

dismissed by doctors who tell you your pain and problems are in your head and you should try thinking "more positive"
battling your inner critic more days than not and you are sick of it
feeling this tension between what society expects you to be and how you actually feel
overwhelmed by all the different advice out there and just want a clear and evidence based answer on working with your cycle
feeling like you can’t keep doing this…
feeling like “THERE MUST BE ANOTHER WAY!!!”

Here's the tea:

The world wasn’t set up for you and your glorious menstruating body. It isn’t your fault for feeling completely overwhelmed and on the verge of another PMS induced breakdown. The world has ridiculously high expectations for menstruators. Society expects us to be linear when we are cyclical. Your menstrual cycle doesn’t play by those rules.

You aren’t designed to feel the same way every day. Your hormone journey spans over the course of roughly a month, and your hormones impact almost everything about you:

Self care
social battery
sexual desire
mental health
and so much more...

My wish for you is that the knowledge you’ll gain from completing Rhythm will give you the confidence and clarity to make bold choices that will uplift you and everyone around you.

Because here's the thing: as menstruators… we need to actuallllly listen to our bodies. Get to know them like you would your best friend. It’ll give you insight into your strength & struggles, what areas of your life need a little DIY, and how to best care for yourself.

Of course your life often won’t perfectly align with your cycle.. but the beautiful thing is that with the knowledge you’ll gain inside the course, the outside world may feel chaotic, but you’ll now have the tools to have your internal world figured out.

Imagine if you showed up for 12 weeks, compassionate, curious and committed? How good would that feel?

The Rhythm Framework:

A clear cycle syncing framework to take you from a "surviving, suffering, saddie" to a "thriving, tenacious, menstrual baddie"

Observe: notice the sensations in your body. Track your cycle.  Imagine as if you are a detective, looking for patterns, clues and notice the subtle and not so subtle shifts of your cyclical body.
Experiment: this is where you become a scientist. Set your hypothesis. Experiment with cycle syncing, play and notice. Experimenting is fun and you must have an open mind, especially if things do not go to plan. It is all a part of the process.
Reflect: Each cycle is an opportunity to reflect.  Your cycle is a built in tool for reflection.  Reflecting on what is going on your life, what messages your cycle is sending you and what is working or not working.
Adapt: Each phase, each cycle is an opportunity to take what you’ve experimented, what data you’ve collected and adapt for the next cycle.

This is for you if:

You feel like you lose a week of productivity every month and struggle with energy, cue the guilt gremlin in 3...2...
You feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster you can’t get off of until you go to the toilet and realize your period has arrived, and you are sick of the surprises
You spend so much time, energy and $$$ trying to feel good: meditation, face masks, 🍄s, green juices, yoga, etc. but feel like something is missing
You don’t even know what it looks or feels like to feel connected to your body, you try to suppress your symptoms and feelings but they always catch up with you
You are done girl bossing your way through life and are ready to finally listen to your body and menstrual cycle
You’re willing to try new things and get curious and scrappy with it!

This is not for you if:

You want a quick fix or a bandaid solution
You are unwilling to form a deep commitment to yourself and instead want to rely on toxic positivity and prayer
You’ve entered peri-menopause or menopause
You aren’t ready to ruffle some feathers and put your people pleasing ways to bed
You aren’t ready to put habits like: skipping breakfast, surviving on caffeine, HIIT workouts 6 days a week and working through lunch behind you
You aren’t ready to use inclusive language, dismantle the patriarchy and kick diet culture the the curb
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module 1

The Foundations: (Your cycle basics)

  • Get to know your hormonal journey, the  four phases of your cycle, cycle syncing and fill in the gap of knowledge you’ve been missing
  • Learn how to discover your unique blueprint (i.e tracking your cycle) so you won’t feel like your body is a puzzle anymore- cue fortune teller vibes 🔮
  • Ditch menstrual shame for good so you can feel be the powerful cyclical creature you already are
Bonuses: Cycle Syncing Cheat sheet, Track Your Cycle E-book, Cycle Tracking Spreadsheet, Tracking Meditation Check In, Future Visioning & intention setting practice including future vision meditation

module 2

Nourish the Body: (Cycle supportive nutrition)

  • See beyond diet culture and find a more intuitive, cycle-supportive way forward
  • Get clear on how to nourish your body by learning the basic nutrition pillars
  • Learn how to balance your blood sugar and support your luteal phase to kick PMS to the curb
Bonuses: Hard Times Nourishment Lab, Nutrition Cheat Sheet Food + Meal Planner in Notion, anti-diet resource guide

module 3

The Physical Body: (Cycle Syncing Exercise)

  • Understand on a deep level how the fitness industry is the problem ➡️ not you
  • Learn how to cultivate a joyful – no pressure – movement practice rooted in body respect and listening to your body
  • Move & exercise with your cycle following specific exercise recommendations
Bonuses: Cycle Syncing Movement Lab, Movement & Exercise Resource guide & library, Cycle supporting fuelling cheat sheet, Phase Specific Movement cheat sheet, Movement Dashboard Notion Template

module 4

Finding Balance (Cycle Syncing Self Care)

  • Understand how people pleasing gets in your way and prevents you from actually taking care of yourself
  • Learn how to set a foundation of self care through sleep, completing the stress cycle and nourishment
  • Discover how to cycle sync your self care practice for a more holistic and compassionate approach to wellness
Bonuses: Cyclical Self Care lab, Phase specific Self Care Library, Phase specific rituals for each phase, Cyclical Self Care Cheat Sheet, Tough Times protocol for when 💩 hits the fan

module 5

Finding Flow (Cycle Syncing Work)

  • Learn how to get off the hamster wheel of productivity and define a new more sustainable version of success
  • Discover rituals, routines, commitments and habits that align with your energy levels
  • Start to cycle sync your work and life in a way that leaves you feeling energized and inspired
  • Learn how to plan your month using the cycle syncing framework
Bonuses: Work & Cycle Lab, Notion Habit Tracker, Notion Daily Check In, How to cycle sync if you work a 9-5, Taking Action Monthly Planner, Work Station: your weekly planner, The Cycle Syncing Calendar, Idea Island Template, Monthly Intention Setting & Review Template

Braedi Z

"Caitlin has a gift of making a very new-to-me subject feel accessible and easy to apply practically in my daily life. I was fed up with feeling stuck and Rhythm helped me find my flow – literally and figuratively."

Price breakdown:

3x Monthly Payments

For wildly ambitious menstruators who want to dip their toes into cycle syncing



Lifetime access.
Limited time offer.
Join the Waitlist
one time payment

For wildly ambitious menstruators who are ready to transform their life

Lifetime access.
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JOin the waitlist
6x monthly payments

For wildly ambitious menstruators who are on a budget




Lifetime access.
Limited time offer.
Join the waitlist

Rhythm is currently closed. Join the waitlist.


...Scholarships available for people who identify as LGBTQ+ & BIPOC. Email hello@consciouslycait.com to learn more!

Bonus #1

1 extra coaching call with your menstrual cycle cheerleader- Me!

That’s right. Not one, but two 1:1 coaching calls with me.

For a limited time only, you can double up on your support. You are free to use at any time as you complete the course.

Value: $99

Bonus #2

Access to Befriend Your Body: your no BS menstrual cycle crash course

This 3-part workshop you wish you had in school is here to support you as you start on your cycle syncing journey.

Never tracked your cycle before? Don’t know anything about your menstrual cycle? Befriend Your Body is for you!

Value: $44

Reasons To Join Rhythm:

you need a simple roadmap for your menstrual cycle
you're jealous AF of people who seem to have energy to do it all
you have a long term relationship with people pleasing
you don’t know where to begin
your period problems got you down
you want your cycle to be your BFF
you're too overwhelmed to take action
you're tired of going toe to toe with your inner critic


I’m on hormonal birth control, is this course right for me?
How long will I have access to the course?
I am so pumped to start. When does this kick off?
I know nothing about my own cycle, will this help?
This seems like a lot of work and I’m pretty busy... Maybe I should pass?
I have an irregular cycle, will this work for me?
Can’t I just buy a book about this?
TLDR: Rhythm is a self paced, yet highly interactive cycle syncing curriculum for you to take control of your life one cycle at a time. It follows a framework that includes everything you need to start cycle syncing your life – your work, self care, food and exercise – so you can build a healthier relationship with your body, your hormones and really take control over your life. You get lifetime access to all materials and future materials added, and 1 on 1 support that will leave you feeling super supported. This is a course you can come back to any time you feel out of alignment with your cycle to instantly feel reconnected.

Still on the fence?

You are bound to walk away with ✨something ✨ that will transform your life from the inside out.

Either your beliefs around your cycle and the shame you feel...
Or you’ll have a step by step blue print for working with your cycle...
Or you’ll discover how to support your cycle in a way that feels really good...
Or you'll learn how to nourish, move and life without relying on outside influence

So whether you just want to know easy access to cycle syncing information that is clear and evidence based, or you want to know specifically about the intersection of your menstrual cycle and self care, nourishment, movement or productivity- this is a course you can keep coming back to again and again.

Still feeling a little unsure?

I get it. Email me. I am happy to answer any questions that will help you feel confident in your exciting cycle syncing journey.